Monday, July 03, 2006

Viadrus Hercules Eco

Viadrus Hercules Eco, Irish RipOff or Not?

Energy Master Listowel offer the Viadrus Hercules Eco 24Kw Pellet Boiler combo at €6500 including 21% VAT the price includes commissioning and signing off the SEI Grant form. I could not find their price posted on their internet site, but I requested information and I received a printed leaflet with the price clearly stated.

Manco Energy Ltd. East Yorkshire UK offer the same Boiler combo at £2,200 plus VAT. Thats €3188 at todays rates. Add the 21% Irish VAT and that gives you €3858 rounded up to the nearest Euro. The link is:

Some Sums?

Irish price of €6500 minus the English price of €3858 gives an your the extra added on of €2642. That a HUGE 69% loading.

I think €2642 is an excessive amount for an hour or two's work in commissioning and signing off a form, an extended guarantee would also not justify that sort of price. What do you think that sort of price loading should be called? Excessive? Gouging? Outrageous?


Eugene said...

it does seem excessive. I've just come across this post after I've got grant approval and about to buy.

Surely its possible to buy direct from UK and a registered installer can commission it? Get a couple of people together and drive over and bring it back or even pay someone to do it for you.

Must check with UK about guarantee

joe power said...

Anybody out there with a Viadrus Hercules ECO 24kw wood pellet boiler.
I had one installed and commissioned here in Co Waterford in 2007,which was supplied by Energy master in Listole Co Kerry,when it was up and running I tried to contact the suppliers to get information on little niggly things that were causing problems, and I discovered they had gone out of business,since then I have been trying to get some information, to no avail.
Is there anyone out there with a boiler the same as mine,that I could talk to,or any suppliers of Viadrus hercules boilers in the country that I could get some information from. Thanks in advance.

joe power said...

Is there any suppliers of Viadrus Hercules ECO 24kw wood pellet boilers in this country, if there is, let me know where they are please.

Paul Mulrennan said...

Hi joe, I also have a viadrus boiler, did you have any luck finding a supplier?

joe power said...

Hello Paul.

I was in contact with the makers of the Viadrus pellet burner, their base is in the Czech Republic,their e-mail address is, phone +420596083422.
They put me in touch with Owen Regan who is their agent in Ireland, he supplies parts, and services all Viadrus burners in Ireland, Owen is based in Co Laois his e-mail is, mobile phone no 0851324049.
I hope that will be of help to you.
Paul are you having problems with your burner ? or what part of the country are you in ?

Joe Power