Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crime and Punishment Ireland


Criminals should pay damages
And the cost of their imprisonment

The recent case of a young mother being kidnapped and raped over six days by three men in Limerick, has started me thinking about how such crimes should be redressed.

(1) When a crime involves damage to a person or property, the guilty party should be taken to task on behalf of the victim/s, by the states legal system, and full financial, and or other means of redress, be extracted as an integral part of their punishment and atonement.

(2) On the matter of imprisonment, those who are sent to jail place a huge financial burden on society. They therefore should be made liable for the entire cost of their imprisonment. 

In 2010 a year of imprisonment cost the overburdened taxpayer €77,000 per inmate. This burden on society accrues at the same time as the prisoner is housed, fed, has full medical care, and in many instances is educated, more security and comfort than many members of society enjoy.


Friday, May 03, 2013

World Press Freedom Day and Obscurantism


There are Too Many Examples
of Suppression of Information
and Persecution of the Press

World Press
Freedom Day

Obscurantism: The practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known.

Obscurantism has historically been a favoured and frequently used weapon of dictators, tyrants, powerful religious authorities, devious governments, manipulators of people, and all aggressors; business, political, academic, legal, banking and financial.

Obscurantism is in full use still today, not only by dictators and regimes, but by the huge corporations seeking to hide their ethical wrong doings or sell their wares under exaggerated or false pretenses, by churches wishing to escape the fallout of wrongdoings, government wishing to sell their agendas or avoid criticism. Journalists are in prisons or murdered in many parts of the world. North Korea, Russia, and Iran immediately spring to mind in this respect.

Obscurantism seeks not only to hide facts, but to eliminate or limit concepts, human aspirations, and freedom of thought. It takes many forms but here today we consider the censorship and punishment of the press and media in all its forms.

Knowledge is Power

A gift to the world is the Internet, as it is a powerful tool for free speech and the sharing of ideas and concepts. It has triggered the Arab Spring and is currently changing the collective consciousness of the planet. It's power lies not only in the ability to instantly communicate but in the difficulty it presents for the oppressors to completely prevent its use in all forms.

The Press and especially the Internet needs to be protected from interference by governments, Tyrants,  Business, and all other powers that would have it neutered.

Please support Press Freedom, Free Speech, Freedom of Thought, the right to express our opinions.


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Prime Energy Solutions and Benekov Problems


A Benekov  Pellet Boiler

Another Unhappy 
Sustainable Energy Customer

This comment came in recently from Matthew Judge County Laois who is very unhappy with the service he has received on his Benekov boiler. I deleted an individuals name from his comment, and made one other edit, but otherwise it is as received. I give voice here to his complaint, and invite the dealers to answer it:

Prime Energy Solutions?? I bought a Benekov boiler from Prime Energy Solutions Co Cavan and from day one have had a lot of trouble with it. And whats worse is they ( Prime Energy Solutions ) don't seem to care. We were left without heating since Christmas day 2012 and still our boiler is not working. Prime Energy Solutions has been anything but helpful. So I would advise anyone to think twice before dealing with Prime Energy Solutions - Matthew Judge Co Laois on Benekov Prime

Matthew if you feel you have a clear case for lack of care, you might consider the Small Claims Courts, they are a great solution for the small guy in dispute with a big business. The registrars are very helpful and the cost is very small in making an entry.

I have long given up completely on pellet boilers - they are both too expensive and have yet to reach a design optimum.



April was the Anniversary
of the birth of
Augustin Mouchot
(1825 - 1912) 
Who was the 1st to demonstrate
the industrial use of Solar Power

Augustin Bernard Mouchot

French Solar Energy Pioneer

"One must not believe, despite the silence of modern writings, that the idea of using solar heat for mechanical operations is recent. On the contrary, one must recognize that this idea is very ancient and its slow development across the centuries it has given birth to various curious devices."

Augustin Mouchot (1878).

"Eventually industry will no longer find in Europe the resources to satisfy its prodigious expansion... Coal will undoubtedly be used up. What will industry do then?"

Augustin Mouchot (1880).