Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Price of Cigarettes


The Price of Cigarettes

Australia is to increase the price of the fags by 12.5% each year from 2017  to 2020. By 2020 the packet will cost AUD$45 or over €30 a packet. The given word is that this move is a health issue, and of course it is, but I would guess that the other main aim is the increase in tax revenue.

I'm thinking that the Irish government, if we will actually see a government formed any time soon, could take a leaf from the Australian parliament. The revenue could go towards a lot of badly needed services like health and education, along with a bit of post recession relief for low earners, even pay some of the Irish Water losses!

The cost to the nation of smoking is massive. The cost to individuals is even greater in terms of suffering. Did you know that:

OVER 80% of lung cancers caused by smoking.
OVER 65% of mouth & throat cancers caused by smoking.