Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sir, Can I Interest You in a Wood Pellet Heating System?

Renewable Energy in Ireland is a Circus with Lots of Clowns!

SEI, or at least the people who set up the structure of SEI, must be clowns because the Grant Scheme is a disaster, which encourages all sorts of cowboy activity, and lets Joe Public largely unprotected.

(I wonder what level of salary do the directors of SEI get?) PPS. Are there any jobs going in SEI??

The ESB seem to be clowns - see the last blog. We could have dozens of small generating stations using willow biomass dotted all over the country and three times as many wind farms if someone was even half awake a few years ago. There could be thousands of jobs in this energy production, instead of sending our billions overseas to buy oil and gas.

The outrageous and often laughable behaviour of some Sellers and Installers would suggest, in addition to being gougers and ripoff merchants, that many of them are also "Clowns"

Poor old Joe Public is perhaps the Biggest Clown of all because he is being fooled by state agencies and ripoff merchants alike and ends up paying every time.

Only 2% of Irelands energy need are from Renewable Resources. We import 85% of our energy needs. We could easily have 50% home produced and renewable if the "clowns" had got the finger out some years ago when the writing was clearly on the wall about an energy crisis.

"Can we interest sir in a nice Wood Pellet Heating System for only €12,000, and sir can get a grant for €4200 - suits you sir - suits you!!!"

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