Thursday, July 20, 2006

ESB Announce Price Rises due to NOT having sufficient Renewable Energy Capacity

Not Enough Investment in Renewable Energy

The ESB has announced a rise in electricity prices of 10% to 20% next year. The company has blamed higher oil and gas prices for the increase. In other words they say that they have failed to invest enough in Renewable Sources such as BioMass and Wind Generation.

The Customer Pays the Price Again.

The rise comes on top of 3% for 2006, 4% for 2005 and almost 9% for 2004. The average ESB bill is €62 a month, the price rise of 10-20% will add €6.20 to €12.40 to the average per month or double that for the 2 monthly bill.

Just to note: The ESB reported pre-tax profits of €240m for last year, up 31% on 2004.

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