Friday, July 14, 2006

Opop, Boink, Wood Pellet, Boilers, Burners, Irish Ripoff?

Wood Pellet, Boiler, Burner, Boink, Opop, Price Comparisons Ireland and Denmark, SEI Grant Gouging, Or Not?

A look at Boink Opop units and comparing the Irish Price with the Danish price. This is the marriage of the groom "Boink" Burner unit with the beaming bride "Opop" Boiler. It has 100 step modulation and 89% efficiency. It is a marriage that seems to work well enough. It has been tested by an independent Danish testing outfit and rates well.

In Ireland one Opop dealer who publishes his price is Kerry Bio Fuels who list the Opop - Boink 16Kw Boiler set consisting boiler, burner, auger and hopper at €4490 incl. VAT.

Danish company list the exact same set at 20,400 DK or €2735 plus VAT which is €3309 including VAT.


Irish price of €4490 less Danish price of €3309 equals price hike of €1181 thats a hike of 35.5%. Now shipping costs might account for 10% but the Irish price is still bloated by a minimum of 25%. Not as bad as the Viadrus hercules Eco disaster - but still an unjustified and unacceptable situation. So whats new in the RipOff Rebublic?


When will the Irish People, I speak for myself here, wake up and refuse to be bled on prices. Are we a bunch of sheep or what? With our history we should be razor sharp against gombeen men and price gougers, yet we seem to tolerate the situation more than most other countries. Why is that does anyone know?

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