Friday, July 14, 2006

Wood Pellet, says Thanks!

Thanks so much for all the e-mails and posts of support

I just wanted to share a few of the supportive messages - and just the one bad mouthing from a poor guy who's mammy didn't love him:
"I was just looking at your blog there. Most informative, well done. I would suggest you contact the Irish Farmers Journal about it. Their stories are often picked up the mainstream press in Ireland and even in the UK."
"Alternative energy, has been of real interest to me for many years. Yet I despair at how our government appointed agencies have failed us, once again... Why is this, corruption and brown envelopes, is the only logical conclusion."

"Great thread, well done. Could this be linked to the green issues forum as well? I'm sure many there would be very interested in the info you have here."

And now from the Guy who's Mammy didn't love him, Or Maybe was it that I touched a Raw Nerve - that made him so sour!!

All you have done so far as I can see is prove the old adage :
"A little knowledge can be very Dangerous" . . . the gutless wonder has taken a photograph of a boiler in what appears to a Showroom that he (although I will remain within the bounds of equality and accept it could be She) admits is close to him. That means he has abused the access and quite possibly the knowledge of the staff of an expensive to run place of business, as all Irish business premises are.

The same person goes on to to give inaccurate information on products that can be purchased in the Czech Republic, a boiler system that is not what he claims it to be.

He then goes on and gives what could be dangerous information regarding the flue system because it is not accurate for the purpose of the thread being the installation of Pellet Boilers.

I see no reference to the fact that the poster was not going to apply for a grant under the SEI scheme because he had now sourced what he believes to be equal products at a substantial discount.

I also see no reference to the fact that he and his by now co-conspirators are going to return the balance based on what they save to the SEI. On the contrary he goes on to give partial advice about the requirements of SEI to be included on their installer list, he is even proposing organising a fraudulent installation team because he is using his own experience to act as the main contractor / overseer.

Another nice one

"Don't mind that ----- he just can't stand anyone having one up on him, he just likes taking through the roof of his arse! Nothing you have suggested is illegal in any way. It's the rip-off merchants who are the ones that need the law set on them for profiteering! Keep sockin' it to them. "

"Information is the Enemy of Corruption"

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