Saturday, December 07, 2013

Cheaper Coal


Towards Cheaper Heat
this Winter

Each winter I am sharply aware of the immorally high level of fuel poverty affecting so many of the people of Ireland. I started this blog in order to promote Sustainable Energy, but I have now arrived at the conclusion that the most important energy to sustain is winter heat for the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Consequently, I have turned my focus to achieving the cheapest form of home heating. This I have found to be solid fuel burned in an enclosed stove.

For several years now, I have tried to find the best value suppliers for smokeless coal, eco logs etc. and to announce my finding for what thats worth.

The details hereunder will be of great interest to smokeless coal users. An old family based supplier in Cookstown Northern Ireland will supply – in ton lots and half ton lots to anywhere in the Irish republic. The ton lots are much better value because the shipping cost is the same for a ton and a half ton.

So here are the details:

Strata Ireland offer 50 x 20Kg bags = 1000Kgs or a metric Ton of a mix of Perto-coke / Calco and Lignite. This will be delivered by a courier on a pallet to the front of your house for only Sterling £310 about €375. I know that some fuel merchants are charging between €18 and €21 for a 40Kg bag of this stuff. So this offer which works out at €15 per 40Kg bag is a good deal.

I know a ton of coal is a lot to pay for in one go, and a lot to hump into a shed etc. but there is a substantial saving to be had for some people. Would be worth getting a loan from the Credit Union in order to finance the purchase. A group purchase with neighbours in another way of splitting the cost.

A little care is needed when burning Calco blend, as it can burn too hot and damage a stove. That said, it offers excellent value in terms of heat output v/s cost. It also is very low ash making cleaning a grate or stove a bit easier.

Strata also offer 50 x 20Kg bags 1000Kgs a metric ton of Smokeless Glow Ovoids delivered price is only Sterling £323. These are great for long burning overnight etc. They are also fairly fool proof in stoves.

You can order on-line and Pay with Credit Card or with Paypal here is the link:

Strata Ireland
153a Morgans Hill Road
County Tyrone
Northern Ireland
BT80 8BW
Tel: 048 8676 2103

In North Kerry, Econ Fuels (Now called National Fuels) Monvalley Industrial Estate Tralee, offer good prices on solid fuels, especially if you can only afford to buy in smaller lots. Calco smokeless mix for a 3 bag purchase sells at €16.20 per 40Kg bag.