Sunday, July 30, 2006

How Successful Will the SEI Drive be?

How Successful Will the SEI Drive be?

The more people I speak to about investing in alternative energy, the more I pick up a sense of doubt and hesitation. The grants being offered are really fantastic. However, there is a very poor level of real information available to the public which is leading to many people, including myself, having some serious doubts. There are questions which need to be answered like:

1. What systems are good value, (lists with direct price comparisons to other EU countries)?
2. Which are the most reliable systems, (based on independent tests and customer reviews)?
3. Who will sort out the problems with dealers and installers if I have them?
4. Who will guarantee fuel supply?
5. Who will guarantee stability in fuel prices?
6. If I have paid RipOff prices for equipment who will help me get the excess back?

Few, that I have talked to, are in a hurry to fork out several thousand Euro on top of the Grant for un-proven and un-guaranteed systems. Many will wait out most of the 12 months of the Grant period to see what happens. SEI seriously needs to address these question and worries.

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