Friday, July 28, 2006

Oh God Save Us All - They are Insane

A Chernobyl child victim

An Irish Insane Answer to the Energy Crisis

A new Nuclear Energy Campaign group has been launched. It comprises a group of (MAD) scientists, moneymen and (ODD) bods. They are going to launch the Republic's first campaign group in favour of nuclear energy.

They are calling themselves Better Environment with Nuclear Energy (BENE). Their aim is to persuade the Government, industry and the public that a Chernoble future is good for us.

Chernobyl County Tipperary

They are saying that there are risks with nuclear power but claim they are 'manageable and acceptable'.

With Irish ways of doing things, and us Irish the inventors of "Murphy's Law" I know it would end up with Chenobyl looking like picnic. Ireland is rife with corruption and lazy ways of doing things, plus the political back-handers and brown envelopes.

Chernobyl Workers Most Now Dead from Radiation

Oh God,
they are stark raving mad.

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