Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Manufacturers Playing Cards Close to the Chest?

Manufacturers Who Play the Cards Close to the Chest. What are They up to??

I have been attempting to contact manufacturers about their pricing policy, guarantee arrangements and the suitability of their product for wood pellet burners.

Some have responded and been very forthcoming and straight, while others have been remarkably shy and coy, to the apparent point of totally avoiding the issue.

Opop, Dor and Atmoz seem Shy

I have e-mailed several times to Opop, Dor and Atmoz, and so far, I have not received any direct or clear statements on the requested points:

1. Recommended selling price.
2. Guarantee arrangements.
3. Testing and Approval Standards for their products.
4. Stated suitability of their products for wood pellet burners.
5. Tested Efficiency rates of their products.

I also requested information regarding the manufacturers policies on prices, safety, selling agents, and guarantees.

Atmoz, Plain Stupid, Game Playing, or Being Coy?

After many attempts to contact Atmoz on half a dozen different e-mail addresses, I eventually got this "really helpful" (that me being sarcastic - in case you don't know) reply. Imagine what it would be like if you were trying to solve a real problem or get guarantee satisfaction?

Dear Mr. .....
For more information please visit our web sites on and choose English language.

Best regards,
Lukas Korel
Technická podpora Technical support
Jaroslav Cankař a syn ATMOS
Velenského 487
29421 Bělá pod Bezdězem, CZ
tel.: +420326706-516, fax:+420326706-526

Gerkross and Kunzel Seem very Open

Both Gerkros the Irish manufacturer, and Kunzel a German manufacturer, seem very open and willing to communicate on prices and other details. I see this as a big plus for these manufacturers.

Does Coyness Mean They are Hiding Something?

I will assume that a lack of contact and/or coyness about prices and other details is an indication that the manufacturer involved has something they would prefer not to disclose. In other words, that they are hiding something.

When will they EVER learn that we are in the Communication Age and that you can hide nothing for long!


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