Friday, July 14, 2006

Irish, Wood Pellet, Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity for Ireland.

Ireland has a really great and significant opportunity for investment in its future sitting right on the doorstep NOW. If we do not seize this opportunity it will be diluted and dispersed over time.

What do we need to take advantage of the amazing opportunity ?

1. Some investment both governmental and private. (Not huge money and no high-risk investment)

2. Co-operation and Reciprocity from all sides. (This will be difficult in Ireland with a history of vested interests, gombeen men, over zealous unions, crooked politicians, and greedy capitalists)

3. Ethical and honest approaches from business and investors. (This is the most difficult to achieve)

4. Get the finger out and do something NOW - not next year or when ever. (as Paddy the Irishman said to Paddy the Spaniard about the Spanish word "Manana": there is no word in the Irish vocabulary that suggests such urgency)

What is this investment?

It is investing in alternative power sources. Including: Bio-Mass farming, Bio-diesel oil production, wood pellet fuels, Bio-mass powered ESB PowerStation, changing over our central heating systems to bio-mass fuels.

What is the gain from this investment?

1. We will save billions on oil, gas and coal imports.
2. We will create several new self-sustaining industries.
3. We will create thousands of jobs in these industries.
4. We will become partially independent of rising and ever less dependable imports of oil gas etc.
5. We eventually get cheaper electricity, bio-fuels, and heating.
6. We will greatly help the environment, our wildlife, and the ecology.
7. We will cut down greatly on pollution and help keep our water, soil and air clean.
8. We will gain in pride and stature as a nation.

What stands in the way of this opportunity?

Essentially greed. Individual and big company greed - the green eyed monster. The short-term gain and fast buck merchants will hamper this effort more than any logistic or lack of funds. Greed and one-up-man-ship have always worked diametrically opposed to Co-Operation and Reciprocity. Can we act in the general interest , can we be ethical and honest, can we act with co-operation and reciprocity, can we leave the spectre of the "gombeen men" behind us?

We have done this in helping the third world with our world-leading generosity and selflessness - can we do it to help our own future? It is primarily up to us all each individual and also to our political leaders to engender a national spirit into Ireland once again.

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