Monday, February 28, 2011

RTE Broadcaster and SEAI


It has been pointed out to me, (and there are plenty of pointer-outers out there!!) - that the regular interest in my blog, some 114 visits, from RTE, the Irish State broadcaster, could well have come from a fan of this Blog who simply works at the station, and was using the work computer to keep up to date.

If that happens to be the case, I must apologise if I got you into any sort of trouble by blowing your cover!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I have noticed three things about RTE Irish State Broadcaster in connection with both SEAI the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland,  and my own blog SEAI Sustainable Energy Author Ireland.

(1) RTE have been utterly unerringly uncritical of SEAI the state authority (I know - poor use of language BUT  I think it looks kinda neat). The TV programme Eco Eye and other presentations managed to sound syrupy sweet and to gloss over the complete arse SEAI has made of much of its remit. In other words RTE tends to not have a proper balance in this respect. I also note, from various reports, that ECO EYE have received hefty money from SEAI - so how could they be deemed to be completely unbiased? I guess if SEAI gave me tens of thousands of Euro it would colour my view a bit!!

(2) The second thing I have noticed is that RTE monitored my blog to at least the count of 114 visits, a fair number you would agree, but never bothered to make any direct contact with me - ever.

(3) Since I published the fact that RTE was paying a LOT OF ATTENTION to my blog, all visits have ceased completely - or perhaps they are now using an anonymous proxy to hide behind.


Monday, February 14, 2011

ProSolar Boiler Problems


ProSolar Boiler Problems
Possible Solution

I have had several people contact me with Wood-Pellet boiler problems. One brand that popped up several times is the ProSolar name.

I normally do not publish any commercial links but in this case I make an exception. I was contacted by Michael Connolly who is a heating and plumbing contractor. He tells me that his business has specialist training in these boilers and he has offered to assist in the cases outlined in this blog.

I am simply passing on an offer of assistance. The letter from Michael is copied hereunder:

My name is Michael Connolly, just offering a helping hand to the people that have problems with the ProSolar fireline boilers if you want to let them contact me at

We are Plumbing and Heating Contractors and are trained technicians with Windhager Austria. Windhager manufacture boilers for many companies throughout Europe under a different brand name, including Pro Solar, ie the Pro Solar Fireline is the same boiler as the Windhager biowin exklusiv, but we deal directly with the manufacturer Windhager.

We have good experience with biomass and have many of these boilers fitted in the Galway area, we give a five year guarantee, a good back up service, and never have any major trouble from them,

Michael Connolly,
Moycullen Mechanical Services,
Phone 086 3348392


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fantastic Value in CFL Bulbs


You Gotta Get These
Top Brand
CFL Bulbs

If you still have not replaced all of the bulbs in you home with Energy Saver bulbs - then get on you bicycle right now and go to Woodies Hardware Stores and grab a real bargain.

Right now at Woodies they have quality:

(1) "Rapid Start"
(2) 5 year guaranteed life,
(3) Quality Branded CFL bulbs by OSRAM

All at the "give-away" price of just €1 each. Yes - it hard to believe they are soooo cheap. It is even worth stocking up a few spares at these low prices. Now there is no economic excuse whatsoever for not replacing all the bulbs, including the ones in the porch, the shed, the bathroom etc.

The price of these bargain bulbs will be repaid in just a few weeks by the saving on electricity!!!!  And Oh Yes - I have tested the bulbs - fast to light up fully and very nice colour of light. Warm white without being either yellowy or bluish.


Friday, February 11, 2011

RTE take interest in this blog


the Irish National Broadcaster
taking much interest in this Blog

Above is a screen-print of my Blog stats showing the RTE activity

In recent months I have noticed a lot of activity on my blog originating in RTE the Irish Nation Broadcaster. In fact, as you can see from the above stats, there have been 114 visits in total - that's a lot of visits!! You may also notice that there is no "Referring URL", this would indicate the site is bookmarked by the user. So come on guys say hello!!

I would love to know who is watching and what they are watching in particular. I would be more than happy to talk with anyone from the station, and in fact I would like the simple courtesy of such a contact.

It is good nevertheless to know that this research is being provoked by my blog.  I have also noticed a fair bit of attention from GOV.IE sites.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Solid Fuel Stove details



Lady r has left a new comment on your post "Solid Fuel Stove Review":

Thanks for info - sounds like one I could go for. The basics. Where did you buy? Who installed it and was it expensive to install? I live in Kilmacanogue Bray Co Wicklow. Many thanks again for info. Michael r

Mark as spam

Michael R. above evidently does not read my blog or he would have seen the two supplementary articles giving further details of the stove, including where I bought it.

With regard to installation, it is a DIY job for most people with a non-boiler stove. The cost of the flue pipes and bends can vary a great deal. Stainless steel flue, while the best both technically and aesthetically, is simply a MAD price in this part of the world. I see stainless flues at half or less price elsewhere. About time the Chinese started to sell the stuff and put manners on the robbery prices of the stuff here.

I want to again here state that I do not offer any advisory service and I generally do not answer e-mails with specific requests for information and recommendations. I tend to put most of what I know into the blog - so if you fully read my posts and any subsequent additional posts, you will have all the information that I am prepared to offer.


Monday, February 07, 2011

Solar and Wind Bridge Concept


Beautiful Design
But is it Structurally Feasible?

My son sent me a link with some really cool pictures of a solar bridge concept. Part of an Italian contest for designers the energy bridge was designed by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino. The concept is to have solar cells embedded in the roadway plus a colossal array of 26 turbines arranged between the support pillars.  According to the designers it would power some 15,000 homes.

The published pictures immediately put me in mind of one of the loveliest bridges I ever visited, Millau Bridge in France. I made the trip there especially to see this wonder of engineering and beauty and I was not disappointed.

The concept pictures are very pretty but I would imagine that the designers, while good at design, are no engineers. I immediately see a huge problem with wind pressure on the structure. No tall bridge would be designed to take the massive extra wind side loading, especially in storms.


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Hot Air Battery Plans


Patent-Free Design

I though I would share the design plans for my "Hot Air Battery".

The concept is that it can be powered by the hot air from all the spin doctors at EEstor, Ecolocap etc. For that matter, political "spin doctors" will work equally well.

As you can see from the diagram, the spin doctor's spiel is directed into the receiver and converted into power and stored in the "cloud" chamber of the battery. It can thus be "Googled" when energy is needed to drive various pieces of electronic equipment.

It is not advisable to use the hot air battery to drive personal items such as shavers etc. etc., as the energy "spin" could cause some injuries. It may also have some strange effects when used to power music and sound systems.

Have fun!!


Friday, February 04, 2011

Ultra Capacitors and Electric Cars


Maxwell Technology Inc.
New Ultra-Capacitor

How about an electric drill that can be fully charged in just 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes!! So who is promising that sort of hyper upgrade?

A company called Maxwell Technology, who have been recently in the news for their “Ultra Capacitors”, have announced yet another new breed of these super-duper capacitors.

Batteries v/s Capacitors

Batteries are chemical factories. When you put electricity into a battery it causes heat, gas, and major chemical changes in the elements of the battery. This chemical action has to be slowed down, because if it happened too quickly, it would essentially be an explosion. No doubt, you have read about laptop computer batteries going on fire? This can happen when the battery is either charged too quickly, or is discharged too quickly.

What all this means, is that batteries, because of the chemical, heat, and gas reactions;
(1)    Take time to charge up.
(2)    Have to be discharged at a slow controlled rate,
(3)    Wear out very quickly due to chemical reactions eating away at the metal electrodes.

In comparison, a capacitor has NO chemical reaction. Therefore, a capacitor does not generate gas, heat, or chemical erosion. Therefore, a capacitor will last a long - long time compared to any battery.

Additionally, a capacitor can be charged and discharge VERY quickly. This ability to rapidly take in and give out large amounts of electricity is very useful in the real world. The electric drill mentioned above for instance, could be plugged into a suitable high-speed charged and charged in one or two minutes. The torque power of the drill would also be much greater due to the high current ability of the capacitors.

Electric Cars and Ultra Capacitors

Now where untracapacitors would be really- really - really great would be in electric cars. However, up till now unltracapacitors have been WAY too bulky to be of practical use. In other words, they would need ALL the space in a car to give sufficient power for anything but a very shot journey.

But now Maxwell technology have announced the following:

"In a simplified comparison of how powerful and quick Maxwell's ultracaps are, a lead acid battery takes 10 hours to fully charge. A lithium ion battery will charge in about an hour."

"A Maxwell ultracapacitor will charge in half a second and contain 10 times or more energy per ounce than any battery option."

Let me get this straight, take a bog basic 12 volt car battery, the size is about 30cm x 23cm x 18cm and weighs in around 15Kgs. This battery gives roughly 40 Amp Hours of electrical capacity. Basically calculated, but in real life it doesn’t quite work the same, the battery is 12 Volts multiplied by 40 Amps gives you 480 Watts, and it can sustain that wattage for 1 hour.

Now if I read the Maxwell statement correctly, "10 times or more energy per ounce than any battery", they say that for the same 15Kgs weight of the above battery their ultra capacitors should give you a minimum of 4.8Kw for 1 hour, but more like some 7+Kw,  for 1 hour. Taking into account that a lead acid battery is about half as efficient as a lithium ion battery - and that their capacitor holds "10 times or more energy per ounce than any battery". Now if that is a completely true and honest statement - it is amazing!  How true it turns out to be in the real world - remains to be seen.

Electric Cars and Maxwell Ultra Capacitors

If the Maxwell statement can be fully and literally taken as completely true, then electric cars are in for one hell of a boost. Because for one tenth of the weight of the current lithium ion batteries, they can have the same energy. Additionally, these cars could be fully charged up in about the same time it takes to fill the gas tank.

Will we see the statement realised?

Will we ever see the Maxwell Capacitor statement fully realised??? Good question - even though I say so myself!

To date, all claims made for super batteries etc. have neither been seen or heard of - other than the copious “Hot Air” that has been pumped out by the company publicity spin doctors in looking for investors. Hence my own invention: "The Hot-Air Battery"

Is Maxwell technology any different?