Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ireland, the Wild West of Renewable Energy

Ireland - The Wild West of Renewable Energy
Complete with Cowboys, Gold Diggers, and Snakeoil Merchants

We Irish are a bit slow to catch up on certain things, while we are ahead of most of the world on a few others like the smoking ban. But Ireland is certainly frontier land when it come to Renewable Energy.

Our policy makers were not informed or motivated early enough, in fact most of them still are not clued-in or in the least motivated. They know how to make a few of the right political noises, but that is about all they do.

ACTIONS speak LOUDER THAN WORDS. Our national actions are very miserable and mean compared to other countries. Only 2% of our energy is Renewable source. That is a pitifully small figure by any standard. I am sure we will come to regret this in time.

Leglislation was rushed through and government agencies were set up a bit hastily and without too much forward planning, structured analysis, or market research. SEI Sustainable Energy Ireland is basically a great idea. But it has ill concieved and poorly structured elements to it, none more so than the Grant Schemes.

Licences to Dig Gold

Licences to dig gold - started a GOLD RUSH in the US and Alaska in the past. New shanty towns grew up where Snake-oil sellers, RipOff Merchants, and Gougers of all types florished.

The "Greener Homes Grant Scheme" has had a somewhat similar effect.

Instead of shanty towns, read Bio Energy Consultantcy Firms etc.
Instead of claim staking, read SEI Approved Installers.
Instead of Gold diggers Licence, read Post Grant Price Gouging.
Instead of Gold Miner, read Gougers or Cowboys
Instead of Gold, read Grants and Uninformed Customers.

These new Irish territories have no sherrif, or if there is one, nobody know who he is. There are no laws in these new territories (that I know of).

SEI don't care about price gouging and ripoff merchants, all they do is "promote renewable sources". The Office of Consumer Affairs done care either, their job seems to be done by telling us to "watch our backs"

Yep there sonny- Ireland is sure is the Wild West of Renewable Energy Policy. And as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: it is the punter who pays!

Inspired by one of my supporters James B... Thanks James for the inspiration!!

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