Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More on SEI Grants & Irish RipOff Pellet Heating

Viadrus Hercules Eco Boiler - Price Fixing? - Just Plain Stupidity in Business? Rip-Off? - or Not?

I have, in an earlier blog, discussed the outrageous price being asked by EnergyMaster Listowel for the Viadrus Hercules Eco.

I just wanted to say here clearly that this price has been ratified by the manufacturer. In other words they are essentially saying yes we know that EnergyMaster are charging nearly double the price BUT it is OK by us.

They also seem to be saying that you can only get the SEI Grant if you buy directly from their agent Energy Master. I wonder what SEI would say to that?

Copy of part of an email from Viadrus

... Regarding your question, I would like to inform you that it is not possible to buy our product directly from us, because as I wrote you earlier company Energy Master is our representative in Ireland.

Regarding the price, I would like to inform you that we know very well the price-strategy of company Energy Master and we are satisfied with their way of business. I would like to also inform you that you can get grant 4.200 EUR for our boiler if you buy it directly from Energy Master and I am sure that this is a very good opportunity how to get the boiler with a very good

I hope that you are still interested in our products and that you will buy the boiler from company Energy Master, because I am really sure that they are the best for our product.

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards.

I of course indicated that if the Viadrus Hercules Eco was the last boiler in Ireland - I would not buy it at that outrageous price, as I have an allergy to being RippedOff. I would advise anyone interested in this boiler to get it in the UK at nearly half the Irish agent's price. Even if it breaks down you are still ahead by nearly the full price of a replacement boiler - eitherways the UK dealer would have to honour the warranty anyway. (see earlier post for details)

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