Friday, June 30, 2006

Wood Pellet NO Rip-Off

Kunzel Wood Pellet Boiler

I have been reporting so many ripoff prices and cowboy activities on this blog, that it is a pleasant relief to be able to report an honest broker now and again.

Honest Broker a Definition

First let me define what I mean by an honest broker. I mean a dealer who has straight forward system of pricing and who publishes his prices clearly and simply on the Internet. Additionally, that dealers prices should fairly closely reflect the prices being charged in Germany, Denmark etc. for a similar item - allowing for the extra transport costs.

This weeks Commendation for Straight and Honest Pricing goes to: Solar Energy Ireland. The link to the site is:

Their only Pellet Boiler at the moment is the German make Kunzel. This is an upper market make and not cheap, it offers a fairly hi-tec option. I cannot speak for the performance of the boiler here, but the really interesting thing is that the Irish price is the same as the German price. Now that is a FIRST as far as I am concerned.


Congrats and well done to Solar Energy Ireland for 1. Clear and un-ambiguous pricing. 2. Straight talking and no Bull Sh***ing when you talk to them, or on their site, and most importantly 3. Prices the SAME as in Germany.

May I suggest to you guys that you look at some of the slightly lower tech burner-boilers on the market and handle a couple of those to suppliment your range to take in the man who cannot reach to €7404. Some of the Danish burner boiler combinations work well - and - I would like to see guys like you cover the lower end of the market also.

Good Luck!

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