Monday, July 03, 2006

Is SEI Grant Causing RipOffs

Is SEI Grant, for Wood Pellet Central Heating Systems Causing RipOffs?

With plumbers bold enough to charge €1000 for a half day to install a wood pellet central heating boiler, simply because they are on the SEI approved list. With newly set up companies feeling justified in loading their price for a common boiler by 69% over the UK retail price. With many other business' loading prices by between 30 and 100% over mainland continental prices - I would say YES the SEI Grant as it stands is causing a big problem.


The only thing that seems to be keeping businesses honest is HONESTY and integrity. Unfortunately there is not too much of that evident out there. Or else I need some new glasses!

But I have found that, thank God, there are some honest brokers out there and I commend them.

Suggestions to the Wood Pellet Heating Market

I suggest to all people in this business. 1. Publish your prices OPENLY and HONESTLY. 2.
Show a SUPPLY ONLY price. 3. Show an installation charge seperately. And 4. Show a commissioning charge seperately. State all of the costs and charges OPENLY.

Remember we live in an information age and eventually EVERYTHING you do will be seen clearly for what it is.

If you have nothing to hide - THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

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