Sunday, July 16, 2006

SEI Grants, Good Fishing for Gougers!

SEI Grants for Greener Homes are only Encouraging Overcharging and RipOffs

Be warned if you are intending to install ANY renewable source heating project which attracts an SEI Grant check the price, the installation costs and the dealers and installer credentials. Then check again elsewhere and get at least three or four different quotes. Why, you may ask, should you be on guard?

Well, firstly this is the RipOff Republic full of ripoff merchants and price gougers made famous by Eddie Hobbs, and secondly, we have a history of Gombeen Men in Ireland since the Famine times. (see previous blog)

Many, many dealers, agents and installers have their prices hiked sky high. They rely on the fact that they are SEI Approved sellers and installers.

What Does SEI Agent or Installer Approval Mean?

What does that mean I hear you ask? Well it essentially means nothing much to you the customer, except higher prices from many of these "approved" agents.

An installer registered with SEI means ONLY:

* He/She is willing to participate in the scheme
* Has a valid tax clearance certificate
* Has agreed that in the event of a dispute that they will resolve it by means of arbitration.
* Has agreed to have installations inspected by SEI

(taken from SEI information)

The last of the above four statements is the only one that means anything at all to the customer. The only good to the customer is if SEI actually guarantee to inspect the installation. I wonder how many installations are fully inspected by SEI. Why not ring them up and ask what is the level of inspection and what are the inspection criteria.

Do you know a good and trusted plumber? Then ask him or her to get registered with SEI. With a bit of competition the prices will come down.

Get Savvy on SEI Grants.
Greener Homes.
NOT Greener Customers!

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