Tuesday, November 14, 2006

US Wood Pellet Situation, and Ireland?

Supplies Better But Prices Well Up

US stores have been stockpiling wood pellets this year to meet expected demand. Wood pellet shortages caused really big problems for suppliers and public alike during last season with long queues and quick sellouts for stores lucky enough to get supplies in the first place.

In the US last year, a bag of wood pellets sold for $2.99 at Earnest's supply stores. The price this year is $5.09 a bag. Bag prices at other stores range from $4.95 a bag to $6.16 a bag.

The cost of wood pellets in the US is now coming close to the cost of natural gas. It is however still cheaper than propane fuel or electric heating but the price gap is closing fast.

This year, at least, there are more suppliers providing pellets in the USA. Suppliers are saying that even though supplies are well up on last season, people would still be wise to stock up while supply is available.

And Ireland?

There are, however, no extra manufacturers/suppliers in Ireland this winter. Extra supplies will have to be imported from an international marketplace where supplies are tight and prices are steadily inflating!!


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