Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SEI Mission Impossible?

I am being too hard on SEI?

So what exactly is SEI's job? And how are they fulfilling aspects of their work? Below are parts of the mission statement taken from the SEI site, interspersed with some questions. See what you think?

Sustainable Energy Ireland

Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), formerly the Irish Energy Centre was set up by the government in 2002 as Ireland’s national energy agency. Our mission is to promote and assist the development of sustainable energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and assist the development of sustainable energy in Ireland.
This includes implementing significant aspects of the Green Paper on Sustainable Energy and the National Climate Change Strategy as provided for in the National Development Plan such as:

• improving energy efficiency

(By allowing untrained installers, and untested systems into the marketplace?)

( By allowing woodpellet boilers without adequate back-burn prevention?)

• advancing the development and competitive deployment of renewable sources of energy and combined heat and power

(By encouraging profiteering through a badly thought out grant system?)

(By not setting up strict price regulation and monitoring of vendors and installers?)

(By not bothering to check the supply situation for wood pellets, and by not even informing the only manufacturer on the Island of the installation figures?)

• reducing the environmental impact of energy production and use, particularly in respect of greenhouse gas emissions.

SEI is also responsible for:
• advising Government on policies and measures on sustainable energy;

(would this include the Green Papers daring plan to have a HUGE 30% (a sarcastic joke in case you don't know) of Ireland's power requirements by sustainable energy sources by the year 2020, at which time there will be only another 5 years of oil left on the planet?)

(Guess they will get the other 70% changed over in the remaining 5years???)

• implementing programmes agreed by Government;
• stimulating sustainable energy policies and actions by public bodies, the business sector, local communities and individual consumers.

( But that would not include stimulating the supply of wood pellets?)


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