Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Type of Bio-Fuel Announced

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. has announced a unique new patent-pending biofuel.

The Publicity Blurb Says:

"Where the most efficient processes today create 1.5 US gallons of an inferior biodiesel in over 24 hours, our proprietary technology allows us to create 5 US gallons of a superior fuel in under 9 minutes.

We will be expanding production to our new 4 reactor system generating 24,000 gallons per day in our Natchez facility within 10 weeks time. That system will be the first step in eradicating the nation's dependence on foreign fossil fuels."

The heating value, which is the amount of heat produced when the fuel is burned completely, is higher for the USSEC liquid biofuel than traditional biodiesel. Using ASTM D-240-76 testing standards, Summit reports the heating value of the USSEC biofuel is 128,000 BTU/gal.

Traditional biodiesel, which typically has a value around 117,000 BTU/gal and compares favorably to petroleum diesel which typically has a heating value of 130,000 BTU/gal. For comparison, the heating value of typical regular unleaded gasoline is 114,200 BTU/gal, premium gasoline is 116,200 BTU/gal and jet fuel is 122,200 BTU/gal.

In addition the USSEC biofuel exhibits remarkable cold temperature physical properties. Using ASTM D-445 testing standards, Summit reports the pour point of the USSEC biofuels, which is an indication of the lowest temperature at which the fuel can be pumped, is typically less than or equal to -90°F. In fact, the USSEC biofuel did not freeze even at -90°F, the limit of the pour point detector.

For comparison, the pour point for petroleum based diesel is around -16°F; the typical pour point for soy bean based bio diesel is 30°F. This allows the company's biofuel to be used in extremely cold temperature conditions. "

English Translation:

A very fast to manufacture bio-diesel which has a high power output and the huge advantage that it does not turn to jelly in cold conditions!!

Well done guys!! - But why can't you drop the "spin-speak" and just say it in English!


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Bruton said...

New to your blog - keep up the good work. I enjoyed some articles.
This one would have been helped by a link, or some background information explaining the source of the info and who discovered the "new" process.