Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nuclear Powered Ireland

The Irish Nuclear Discussion
has been
Opened Again

Ireland is again being asked to consider Nuclear Power as a future alternative. How can we think of bringing something so deadly poisonous and dangerous onto our Island. The volatile, unstable, and highly deadly waste we would leave to children, grandchildren, and future generations to deal with. There is the small but real danger of an accident like Chernobyl happening, which would leave the country uninhabitable for 10,000 years.

To spark some thoughts and discussion on the matter I have borrowed some photographs of the real victims of Nuclear Power from various sources on the Internet including GreenPeace. If the use of these photographs is any sort of breach of copyright I apologise, and will remove them immediately if so informed.

I am publishing the photographs to help focus minds on the dangers of a power source so deadly, so utterly poisonous, and so long-lasting, that the lands affected will be useless to mankind for thousands of years.

Please look very closely and carefully at the following photographs, and think of your children, and of your children's children. Then think very carefully, is nuclear power worth that risk??

The Real Victims of Nuclear Power

May God comfort and heal these unfortunate souls.


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