Monday, November 06, 2006

Kedco Reply

A Reply from Kedco!

Hello Woodpellet -

Firstly we would like to extend our sincere apologises for the lateness
in responding to your query regarding Kedco Energy wood pellet heating

I can assure you that the lack of response has nothing to do
with any of the reasons listed below, customer service is of utmost
importance to our company and each customer is a valued one, howover we
have just finished a three week TV campaign which I am delighted to say
has being a huge success and we are endeavoring to revert to all our
customers at the soonest time possible which in some cases isn't as soon
as we would favour.

However as we speak we are delighted to say that we
now have a Kedco Energy representative in most counties as a result of
our nationwide franchise network. Regarding the prices of the boilers-
they vary depending on the boiler size and type and what storage options
you are looking for etc.. We are happy to answer any questions you or
anyone has to ask or you can come visit us and report back on this blog
of what you saw.


(Maybe I am being unfair to Kedco BUT the wording sounds a bit like a politician when they try to avoid questions. I asked some specific questions yet in the reply Kedco have managed not to make one direct reference. I shall try another phone call and see how I get on!)


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Anonymous said...

Shame they can't spell !! - drives me nuts when they take the time to answer in a political fashion, but don't bother with the spell check !