Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Answers from Kedco and Some Invited Questions

Some Answers from Kedco, and Some Questions which they have Invited

First the answers:

Kedco said:

"I agree it was a politicians answer!! Sorry I didn't spot that is was a 16kw that you were comparing.The price of the 16kw was €4,941 including VAT ,delivery and commissioning.
Anymore questions drop me a line.

Then the Invited Questions I am Asking:

"Hi . . . ,

Would you like to comment on:

1. How secure is Kedco's pellet supply?,
2. What prices are offered on wood pellets, bulk, bagged, baled?,
3. Can Kedco guarantee a price on pellets for any length of time i.e . the next 12 to 18 months perhaps?,
4. How long is the guarantee on the burner unit as distinct from the boiler?,
5. Will Kedco supply parts replaced by other than their own technicians under warranty?
6. What is the cost of Kedco service technicians time per hour, and what mileage cost, and minimum charge?
7. Does Kedco have a stock of spares?
8. Does Kedco have a price-list of spares?
9. If so what is the price of a 16Kw stainless steel burner box/tray/hearth, or an igniter unit?

If Kedco can offer transpearent answers and pricing packages on the above, it would, IMHO, be offering something as yet unique in Ireland, and I would be prepared to say so on the blog.


I would add another couple of questions on reflection:

a. How many fully trained technicians does Kedco have on full time employment?
b. What type of warranty repair is not covered by the guarantee?
c. Under warranty, are there ANY charges for a call-out?
d. Before sale and delivery of a wood pellet boiler, does Kedco survey the location, if so is there a charge?


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