Monday, November 13, 2006

A Letter from a Satisfied Reader!

A letter from a Satisfied Reader!

Good man yourself. Great to see someone who hits the nail on the head and can entertain us as well ! Although I`m up north, your site relates to me too. This is an island wide phenomena. I have lately started to look at some alternatives to my ancient oil burner and have looked at wood pellet as an option.

An initial quote from "greenenergyltd" - an accredited supplier is £5500 with the possibility of 50% off with grants. They were very helpful and I will probably go and see their setup this week but it seems like they have doubled the price and are milking the grant money - leaving punters no better off - no encouragement to go green and act locally.

There is confusion about pellet supplies - Balcas in Enniskillen being the main or only supplier at the moment that I can see - rumours of capped quotas are on the government's action renewables blog site. Word of mouth about delays and long waits. This will put people off. Stuck with a boiler and nothing to feed it with - or a five week wait for an order. I see lots of confusion and no one providing answers at the government sites.

I will probably start looking and asking about biomass more ( especially after checking your site ) - no it hasn`t put me off ( not yet ).

Would ye ever think of running for president or minister for kicking ass.

keep er lit,
Paddy Irishman


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