Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ireland's Oil Fields

s Oil Fields

Ireland's Oil Fields offer more by way of opportunity than immediate and short-term benefit. The oil fields are small and can be very easily managed. The management of the oil fields will give constant and long-term sustainable employment prospects for thousands of Ireland's residents.

Clean Crude Oil

The crude oil extracted from these fields is very clean and light oil and lends itself perfectly to the manufacture of diesel fuel for transport and heating etc.

Long Term Employment Potential

Again, as with the management of the oil fields, the extraction of the crude and its manufacture into end products offer huge potential for long-term employment.

I have obtained a photograph of a typical oil field, one of perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of potential oil producing fields all over Ireland.

National Treasure

Have a good look at this national treasure, which will outlast the Arabian and Russian oil fields by thousands and thousands of years into the future, and will additionally not contaminate the immediate environment or the planets atmosphere.

Typical Example of Ireland's Potential Oil Fields


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Kinvara's said...

Yes, rapeseed.

Now that sugar beet is no longer an option for farmers in this country the government should be using this ground and giving incentives to farmers to produce this crop. From recent articles in the farmers journal its not proving cost effective for farmers to grow unless they get some incentive to do so.