Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Readers of this Blog

The number of page loads for this blog has almost reached 24,000 at time of writing. That's how many times the page has been requested by a web surfer or browser. I have installed a counter, which is located at the very foot of this blog, that keeps the count of every time the blog is accessed. The blog has been up approximately five and a half months. That makes approximately 144 page loads per day on average over the life of the blog.

That figure is averaged over the life of the blog the daily number has been steadily rising. Back at the start of the blog there were much fewer page loads. The present daily page load activity can reach 250 to 300 some days.

When I started writing the blog I never guessed it would attract such a deal of attention. I am very pleased and gratified that such a large number of people find my rantings of interest or amusing. Thank you!


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