Saturday, June 24, 2006

Baxi Boiler Danish Irish Prices

The Baxi Multi Heat

I havw happy news to convey in this blog. The Danish price of a pellet/biomass boiler, namely the Baxi Muli Heat 25 kilo Watt with larger size Hopper/Auger unit is not far removed from the Irish Price.

Danish Shop link:
Price shown for the Baxi MulitHeat 25 with larger hopper unit is 48,700 Danish kroner. At todays rate that translates at €6533 inc. VAT. I recently enquired about this unit at HeatMerchants Ireland and the price shown is €6279.55 plus VAT (I willl check this price again soon to make sure I have it correctly and update accordingly). The difference is not too much and could be explained by the transport costs, I am sure you could also get a bit of a discount by asking nicely.

HeatMerchants are at:

I have only one personal comment about the Baxi - it is built like a Sherman tank and for that reason it is HUGE and very very heavy. It would therefore probably not suit the average house simply because of the size. It would be fine if someone had an outhouse or a very large boilerhouse, but you would need a crane to lift it. The construction quality is what I would describe as high industrial grade. If you have the space and the bit of extra cash this thing looks like good value froma well know manufacturer and a reputable dealer.

So well done HeatMerchants take a bow for your pricing policy - but maybe conside some of the tidier units please?

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