Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pellet Heater Prices from Poland

Great Polish Prices!!!

I keep getting the argument, only from a few, that my take on prices for wood pellet boilers in Ireland being at Rip-off levels is incorrect or distorted - maybe it it?

I am posting today some prices from Poland in support of my argument. Poland is in the EU and so there is no problem with either the VAT or with borders, or even with language, as so many Polish people now live in Ireland. There is easy and regular transport from Poland. I personally have half a dozen good friends in Poland.


A good business opportunity for Polish people living in Ireland. Get into selling these boilers in Ireland at close to Polish prices and you will do very very well! Just simply apply to SEI for registration - no big problem.

Also Polish workers in Ireland have a very good name for both good work and reasonable prices. Are there Polish heating engineers and plumbers out there who would be willing to give me their prices? I will publish them HERE.

First the shop link:

The boiler above is again the ATMOS as sold in Germany etc. The polish price for the smaller one, the Atmos D 15 P is Zlotty11,859 including 22% Polish VAT. AT todays conversion rate that equals €2912 - WOW! That a lot keener than the Czech price. At that sort of money it might be even worth forgoing the SEI Grant and going it alone.

The bigger model Atomos the D 20 P is 13,169Zlotty in vat. That is €3234 inc. VAT. Beat that!!

Another Polish pellet boiler - I cannot identify this one but it looks like the Viadrus ViaLing. On offer at Zlotte10,488 in VAT or €2576 in VAT.

Go check the prices etc. for yourself.

Ask Questions about prices.

Then start to ask question about Irish prices. Ask you politicians to check what is going on.
Are you fed up with the Rip-Off Republic? If you are then DO SOMETHING about it.

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