Friday, June 23, 2006

Some more Stoves

Eco-Irdo Pellet Stove

This listing of stoves are all from the Czech Republic at the same shop as I have already listed in the last post. Checkout the price and availability for yourself.

The Eco-Irdo is 56,974Kcs plus VAT. So at todays exchange rate that give an Irish equivalent of €2006 plus VAT. Remember that these things cost to ship. In bulk the cost would probably be about €150 per unit on average, the smaller ones weighing about 100 kilos.

Baby Fiamma Stove

The Baby Fiamma has up to 5.1 Kilo Watt heat output and sells at 39,158Kcs plus Czech Vat. That would be €1379 plus VAT in Ireland.

The Preziosa Pellet Stove

This one sell in the Czech Republic for 49,799Kcs plus the VAT. In Ireland that would be €1754 plus the VAT at todays conversion rates.

The Divinia Pellet Stove

The last one for this post I will list is the "Divinia" this is a bigger stove that the ones listed above. It has up to 11 Kilo Watts of output, thats quite a lot of heat, it would heat a very big room. It sells for 74,284Kcs plus the VAT. Now that is in our money €2616 plus the VAT.

If you want more comparative price go to the Czech site I have linked in the previous post and look them up for yourself. With regard to buying these, I see no problem in importing them. As far as I know, all the ones I listed in this post are SEI Grant approved.

If you were touring the Czech Republic in a big car or camper you could even bring one back with you - good luck!!!

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