Friday, June 23, 2006

Price List Nordic Bio Energy UK

Here is a scan of portion of a price list published on the net by Nordic Bio Energy UK. GUESS WHAT? It is no longer posted and has been removed. However, I have two printed copies. The site is:

Can I draw your attention to the second from last entry on the top section: Part Number 100116 Complete Boink Pellet Boiler Unit 16Kw.

The price quoted at the time, some 3 months ago, is clearly shown at €2756 plus VAT and transport. What do you think, would the price have gone up since the introduction of the grants, I am convinced that the price has gone up and by a substantial amount!

I am asking you the reader to check the price of a Boink 15Kw complete unit incl. hopper, auger, boiler and burner NOW in Ireland. Be sure to ask for a SUPPLY ONLY price, say you have your own installer. This way there will be no confusion on what the hardware price really is!


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