Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bio Comfort Wood Pellet Burner Unit

Bio Comfort Wood Pellet Burner Prices

In an effort to give as many comparative prices to the Irish market as possible. Here is another Pellet Burner unit with a price list directly from the Danish site.

$10,000 Question? Why dont the Irish Pellet Boiler Sellers Publish Clear and simple Price lists like the Danish and Germans?

The Burner Unit shown above is the Danish Bio Comfort. This is a very typical design of pellet burner and it looks a lot like the Scotte Burner Unit. In comes in a variety of sizes 16Kw - 24Kw - 30Kw - 40Kw - 60Kw and 80Kw.

Above is a screen print of part of the Danish Price list for the Bio Comfort Burner Unit. The 16Kw unit with a 2 meter auger unit is priced at 13,500Dk plus tax. In Euro thats €1810 plus VAT €2190 incl. VAT.

You can do your own maths for the other sizes. The site that sells these units is:

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