Monday, June 26, 2006

Pellet Stoves

The "Contessa"

This is the Contessa it comes is two different finishes and has up to 7.5 Kwt output. It sells for 59,999 Kcs plus VAT. In Irish money that would be €2111 plus VAT.

Pellet Stove Fitting

A word on installing pellet stoves. This is a way simpler job than installing and commissioning a central heating boiler. The only messy bit is the flue, and because most of these stoves have a fan assisted flue system, even that is a fairly straight forward job. The fitting cost therfore should be no more than €150 to €200 max plus the parts for flue etc. When getting quotes, always ask a supply only price. Ask for the fitting price as a seperate quote, also ask for the price of flue fittings etc.

The more complex pellet stoves with a fitted boiler would have to be plumbed in and the fitting would be a little bit more expensive.

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