Friday, June 23, 2006

Listen you Thief, Liar, Danger to the Public!!

You Bas**** -

You are Causing us a lot of Hassle!

Gee Thanks Guys for saying so. I'm all ears and all eyes also. If you have any more Pre-Grant prices on the WWW you better destroy the evidence quickly, or it will end up being posted right HERE.

It makes my heart warm - like a wood pellet stove at full burn, to hear some of these kind of noises coming my way. Guys! does it cause you embarrassment or irritation, or just financial pain to see this Blog published and being read by a lots people?

Pre-Grant Prices!

From here on, we will be introducing thenew terms Pre-Grant Prices and Post-Grant Prices. We better contact Wikipedia ( and explain that this is a new use of the English language brought about in both the UK and Ireland by the introduction of Government Grants.

DEFINITION: Post-Grant Prices refers to the inflation of prices by between 30 and 100% after the introduction of a government financial incentive. Generally speaking, the Post-Grant Prices leave the customer no better off than is he/she had bought at Pre-Grant Prices and not received any grant.

Have a nice day!!

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