Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Response from Your Country Your Call


Your Country Your Call
Responds to my Concerns

I recently had some contact from the "Your Country Your Call" publicity agents / organisers. However, given the fundamental nature of my major stated concerns, I think both their letters and the subsequent corrective actions taken have been totally inadequate.

E-mail Letter from "Your Country Your Call":

Thanks for your feed back Tony on our website.

We are aware that some aspects of the website can be improved and we plan to make changes where we can. In the context of all the work which has been undertaken to make Your Country Your Call happen, these are niggles and they don't detract from what Your Country Your Call is trying to achieve.

That said, we are working to continuously improve any aspect of Your Country Your Call that may need it and your comments are therefore appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
Your Country Your Call

Dear Tony,

Thanks very much for all of your comments both on the blog and here. We hope that we have covered quite a lot of ground even though we may not have specifically answered all of your questions.

Your observations have been noted and where we can make improvements we will do our best to implement them during the course of the competition.

With many thanks,

Your Country, Your Call Team



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