Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nano Lithium Ecolocap Hmmmmm


a previously unheard of player
announce test results of new
Nano Lithium Battery

Testing seems to indicate that Ecolocap's Nano Lithium X batteries have the world’s current highest energy density output v/s weight. They would also appear to have the lowest total cost and fastest recharge time of any commercially-available battery.

"Using a multidisciplinary approach involving electrical, mechanical, scientific, thermal and statistical analysis, the Nano Lithium X battery was extensively tested for its charge and discharge capabilities at 100 amps, 150 amps, 200 amps and 235 amps. Rigorous testing has concluded that the Nano Lithium X Battery performs even better than the company previously estimated, and represents a substantial improvement over existing lithium-ion batteries in terms of energy density, total cost, and recharge time."

When are we likely to see them on the shelves? Who knows, this could be another EEstor. Whatever you do, don't go holding your breath - you hear now!!!!


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Desy said...

EcoloCap follow up

see comments and links therein. A whiff of snakeoil


and they have a sideline