Saturday, March 27, 2010

Minister Eamon Ryan's Charge Points


Minister Eamon Ryan
“Charger Points”
for electric cars in Dublin

A few points (on these charger points) to note:

(1) The photo above shows a charging lead with a 13-amp plug on the end. This means the maximum rate of charge will be under 3Kw/h. You might need to set up a tent near the charging point at that rate, or at least book into a nearby guesthouse for the wait.

(2) The new types of battery soon to appear on the market, super-capacitor, nano-lithium or whatever, all boast very fast charging rates. These batteries therefore would require a current input of at least twenty times the capability of these flimsy points being opened in Dublin. Otherwise the fast-charging advantage they offer would not be achievable.

(3) These “charge points” are obsolete already even before the new type batteries become available. What a waste of public money- for what amounts to nothing much more than a window dressing exercise!

(4) High current charge points will require improvements in the grid system. This is what should be planned for, and not go wasting resources on outdated technology. These "charge Points" could be another voting machine type waste of our money.

(5) Has the Minister considered safety and vandalism when commissioning these “charge points” How safe will it be to leave your electric car plugged in for the 8 hours or more these points will take to deliver a charge?


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