Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Quarter Million Hits Reached


My very first step into the world of blogging was on June 7th 2006 with a rant about woodpellet rip-offs in Ireland. The blog was slow to grow at first or get any sort of respectable hit rate.


This Blog has reached 250,000 Hits

This blog has just topped the quarter million hits, or 250,000 page accesses. For me, it is a bit of a landmark worth noting, and for a regional specialty blog, it is a little bit of a triumph, hence the celebratory firework photo.

My Payoff

I have had a great deal of satisfaction from this blog. My standard of English has improved somewhat over the time, with of course the help of a few of my readers and their sometimes-uncomplimentary remarks. My interest in sustainable energy has grown along with my general zest for that which is current generally. The blog has additionally been a cheapskate form of therapy for me. Having a place to let out the occasional rant has no doubt saved on the Valium.


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Moiety said...

Well done.