Saturday, March 06, 2010

I,ve lost interest in "Your Country Your Call"


Regretfully, regarding "Your Country Your Call", I have reached the point with this "Competition" where I have decided to disconnect from it.

My reasons are (a) the ill considered strategies and methodology adopted by the designers both in the general approach, and in the website design, and (b) the most inappropriate inclusion of a drinks vendor as a sponsor.

Both these approaches have, IMHO, placed the effort in an unfortunate and undesirable position, and one which is not at all in keeping with the high ideals of the motivating impulse.

The image I seem to be getting is of a TV game show, and "Survivor" immediately comes to mind, where the only thing that matters is winning, and anything goes when it comes to achieving it.

I hope there may be a decision taken by the organisers to re-structure the concept, and that it doesn't end up as a competitive rat-race of ideas scrambling for the prize money.


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