Monday, March 01, 2010

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Your Country Your Call
Lifts the Nation's Spirits

YCYC is lifting the national spirits but, I guess, not exactly in the way intended. I have had feelings of reservation about several aspects of the Presidential initiative, not least about the way the website is designed and the idea of an open "competition" for nation changing ideas, not to mention the sponsorship by a drink vendor.

Already there are some 1800 proposals swamping the site. A trend seems to have now started among contributors to see who can come up with the funniest entry.

For instance:

(Craic-er-Jack) Proposes; a Gay City and a pink Euro note.

(Seanachie) Proposes; Iodine tablet for tsunamis.

(Uniseann 1954) Has a proposal on "Dog Poo".

(Draks) Proposes we build the biggest ever Zeppelin.

For a good laugh see:


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