Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Richard the Unknown - Plurion and Slander


and it's Defender
"Richard the Unknown"

Richard has left a new comment on your post "Plurion + Slander!!!!":

YOU’VE got a lot of nerve asking me to say who I am, who the hell is this investigative journalist?

(Why in heavens name would you think that asking a contributor's identity is having “ a lot of nerve” Try writing a letter to any newspaper and see if they publish it without a real identity)
You may know who he is, but you hide his identity.

(If you asked me not to publish your identity – had you given it in the first place, and I went ahead and published it - - - you would certainly be entitled to say that I had “a lot of nerve”)

That hardly seems fair... You blank out some of his statement, just enough to meet legal requirements, but not enough to raise suspicion. If The investigator is the person I think it is, based on what he has written in the past I would suspect there are some pending legal issues regarding his *possibly maliciously* factually incorrect statements in several blogs and journals that he has NOT told you about. He has published a libelous book and a disgraceful editorial in a major journal defaming the founders. Maybe you should ask him. If it’s not the same guy, I do most humbly apologize, and must congratulate his ability to use google.

(You really are engaging in some deep conspiracy theory here Richard – and you are speculating on my actions without the slightest reason to.)

If it IS who i think it is based on his language and the info he gave (for example: pretending to “find out” details that he would have been privy to anyway) its someone well known to the founders of Plurion, someone whom they considered a friend and a respected colleague and a peer. One of the founders has bent over backwards to accommodate this man, even helping him fix his house, so his attacks are unfathomable. I suspect that this particular person is insanely jealous because he never invented anything and just writes books on what others do whilst never doing anything himself. He has accused the founders of misconduct in every business venture for over a decade, often using privileged information to make these attacks. I think the words of Morrisey the singer work best here: we hate it when our friends become successful. It was tolerated because they thought he was perhaps just a little eccentric and loosing his mind, but I suspect it will not be tolerated any longer.

(You seem to have a really big chip on your shoulder about the Plurion thing. Personally, I don’t have any agenda either way about Plurion. I wish them success – as this will benefit the whole sustainable effort. But I really don’t like it when companies play the cards too close to their chest.)

Obviously, you can print what you want, and I doubt any of this will make it to your blog, but the accusations of AK: “investigative journalist” will continue to come. You should ALWAYS consider your sources (Socrates anyone?), and as I have said repeatedly, you should contact plurion and they can quote you all the performance if they choose based on their legal position (look what happens when a naughty someone gets the designs of the new ferrari f1 car!) having said that, It is possible you have unrealistic expectations. Let me help you.

Tony, if you are getting blanked in your research, you are not asking the right questions or are not representing your self properly. I am sure there are probably some copies of “investigative journalism for dummies” on ebay but ill give you a hint: you could ‘be’ a potential investor, buy a share and go to the shareholders meetings, just to name 2. If you call them up with "Hi, i am writing a blog!” expect to get laughed at.

(Thanks for the advice – and the insult - but I couldn't’ be botheredPlurion does not come high on my horizon at all – and unless you or someone else is prepared to pay my expenses, I’ll be damned if I would waste my time, energy, or money on the matter)

I don’t work for any of the companies anymore so I am not at liberty to discuss their technology due to my binding NDA (non disclosure agreement), I would urge you to visit the company and try harder and print the truth. I would suspect that they would not give you the hard answers you are looking for legal reasons and to protect their intellectual property unless you are bound by an NDA, in which case, you probably wouldn’t be able to print it (think formula 1 again).

(Again thanks but no thanks! I will say it again - - If you have any solid information to offer – then offer it or give over!!)

Like I said, I don’t work for Plurion but I did work for the previous companies and I take great exception to the implication by the investigative journalist that members of the business somehow defrauded investors, or took money from investors and "have nothing to show for it." Are we also to imply that the money was used for something other than the technology? In fact, the opposite is true.

The founders of Plurion used their own houses as collateral and greatly extended their personal credit, including credit cards, to start plurion as well as other businesses. All of the employees went without pay on numerous occasions sustaining themselves on rice and beans, sometimes for as long as a year, yet so believe in the company that they stayed with it, even without pay! Obviously, this is not sustainable, investors were sought and found, and now the founders are successful. How is that bad in any way? “took investor money and have nothing to show for it” Poppy cock! I would like to see AK investigative journalist risk his house to start a business and then make it successful.

So, in summation: I suspect the investigative journalist is neither.

(So there you are Richard – I have given you full scope to have your rant – do you feel better now? And - Oh yes – I did remove one direct reference from your letter, as you might otherwise be considered to have slandered. Have a nice day!!)


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