Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cut in Energy Grants


Great Timing - SEI!!!
Cut Energy Efficiency Grants

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Sustainable Energy Ireland's third Greener Homes Scheme has pulled the solar energy grant for new houses. This will come into effect on July 22nd.

SEI is also further reducing in the grant levels for biomass wood-pellet heating. And, a new boiler type, the gasification boiler, has been added to the grant list. (watch the price of these boilers inflate as a result!!!)

SEI reported that a total of 22,100 people applied for renewable energy grants. Solar installations were at the top at 49%, geo-thermal – heat pumps were at 26% and wood-pellet - biomass at 25%.

I can see this latest move being popular with new home builders – especially in the light of the recession!! Great timing guys!

The SEI schemes have been around since 2002. Most readers will be aware that I think SEI has been more than a few yards short of winning the race of promoting sustainable energy to Irish householders.

A good time to reduce and pull grants in a severe housing recession??


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