Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Plurion + Slander!!!!




Slanderous Suggestions!!!

I received a comment today from a reader "Richard", who witholds his/her identity, who suggests that this blog has published material about Plurion that borders on slander.

Here is the comment verbatim and uncorrected:

Richard has left a new comment on your post "Plurion and Dr Know":

strting to border on slander! if you are so interested in plurion and ainc and ebonex tech and atraverda, why not contact them instead of spinning the rumor mill, and for what purpose?

Are you some investor from the past out for revenge? ( i doubt it) are you some jilted chemist? (probably) oh my god, is an eletrochemist making money and you are not? its amazing to think how much time you have on your hands when everyone else is working very hard doing science... and not searhing the web for muck. pathetic, get a life!

Wow, you can read, you can use google, wow. yes they are the same people, but truth be told, THEY lost out too when the early ventures failed (due to INVESTER short change, not failing science or some sort of crime, real or imagined)

Instead of guessing, instead of spinning, instead of imagining, call them, find out, and then, mr invetigator, print it, if you dare. there is nothing to hide. these are people witha proud past. dare you print that?

i see many hijacked blogs about plurion, and ainc. I suspet its the same person with some sort of vendatta (infact, i know it is) plurion is in glenrothes in fife, in the pone book, call them. ainc is in alameda ca usa, in the phone book, call them.

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Posted by Richard to Sustainable Energy, Wood Pellet, Boilers, Alternative Energy, Biomass at 1:19 PM

Dear Richard (the unknown and unidentified),

You seem to be having some sort of problem, perhaps you are greatly angered by something or somebody?? I only say that because you are somewhat incoherent in your communication. I am not sure if you are attempting to insult me or the people who have been kind enough to offer me their input to the debates on this blog, by suggesting that that I or my contributors are (a) slanderers, (b) engaged in "hijacking" blogs, (c) carrying out vendettas.

Gee, I wonder who is the slanderer here???

The reason I have published material from readers on the subject is that I personally failed to get any bone of information with meat in it myself. I have contacted Plurion and got nothing much back from them, please look up the appropriate post by using the "search" facility on this blog.

Instead of attacking us from the "relative" safety of your hidden identity, you might perhaps write and enlighten us about the Plurion battery. A few facts would be great. Like (1) Does it work?? (2) How efficient is it? (3) How reliable is it? (4) What is the life of the chemistry? (5) Have they overcome some of the fundamental problem associated with the chemistry? (6) Would you invest a large chunk of your hard earned cash in Plurion???

Instead of "stirring" it further, by "calling the pot black", you might like to write a piece for this blog with some real hard facts and clear details of why you believe the views on this blog pertaining to Plurion are slanderous?

You would however need to modify your language considerably, as I generally refrain from publishing insults and salnder. I would also not consider publishing you without knowing who you are. by the way, I do know the real identity of the contributors you refer to. I respect totally their wish to remain anonymous.


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