Friday, July 04, 2008

High Oil Price a Gift!


Will motor gas become as obsolete as these pumps?

The Gift of High Oil Prices

(or it’s an ill wind)

Oil is heading for $200 a barrel and the price at the pumps is going for €1.50+ a litre. Shouldn’t we be in a state of utter panic?

Sure, it is going to upset the comfortable little apple cart of our economies and impinge on or selfish and luxury lifestyles, but hey there is a good side to the shake up.

Reports from the US say that punters are using public transport a lot more and finding that when they drive to commuter-rail stations there are no parking spots left. Generally people are making much fewer trips with the kids etc., and many dumping their SUVs.

Public Transport usage is at a 50-year high and petrol and diesel purchases are down some 2% to 3%. And that is only after a few weeks of high gas prices – that can’t be bad.

Now don’t you wish you hadn’t gone and bought that gas-guzzler!!! They will be giving them away soon!!!


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