Monday, July 28, 2008

Minister Gormley and SEI Announcements


SEI and Minister Gormley
It is time to
"Get the Finger Out" and
introduce user friendly grants

The Irish Minister for the Environment John Gormley has announced plans to make all new houses built in Ireland zero carbon output. The plans to come into effect by 2013. He intends to change the building regulations incrementally first step is that all houses built by 2010 will be 60% energy efficiency up from the present 40%.

Make it Simple and Attractive

In a separate report SEI, Sustainable Energy Ireland, said that homes in Ireland emit 8.1 tonnes of CO2 each year. And I say SEI should be doing much more to encourage people to change. It won't really work unless you make it simple and make it attractive - I say.

Similar Carbon Zero plans are afoot in the UK, there are lots of announcement the last few days in the UK news.

It is all very well working on new houses with reducing emissions - but with the recession, the number of new houses being built is reducing substantially so the overall effect of these plans will be at best limited.

Greater number of older houses un-insulated

The government and its agencies need to tackle the very large number of older homes with poor or no insulation, and with outdated heating systems. The recently announced energy efficiency grant scheme is way too complicated for most people to be bothered with. I certainly would not be bothered with trying to go through the hoops required. I would be prepared to take bets that the uptake will be very limited.

What I believe is needed is:

1. Clear, attractive, and simple grant schemes to promote insulation and efficient systems.
2. Price regulation of insulation and heating equipment. (in the national interest)
3. Price regulation of carbon friendly fuels.
4. Reduction or elimination of VAT on insulation, heating equipment and carbon friendly fuels.
5. Free or very cheap CFL bulbs for every home.

When will they get the finger out??????


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