Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OPOP Comfort 24 at 2,600 Euro


The OPOP Comfort 24
for €2600 inc. taxes

I had an e-mail today from CJ in the UK about wood pellet bolier prices there, and sort of asking how could he beat the "price gouger" system:

Hi Tony,
I see that now sell the Biomaster for just over £3100 GBP and they
deliver to the UK for about £300 GBP - so that may be worth considering. I
was astounded to find the OPOP Comfort 16kW (with hopper and auger) from or for £1850 GBP (about £4k here) - transport
may be a bit difficult as I can't find a cheap way of getting one over here.

Any ideas?

Still a great blog


UK and Irish OPOP Dealers shy about price.

On reading CJ's mail, I wanted to do a comparative study of OPOP prices but I found, on several searches, that most of the Irish and UK dealers are no longer publishing their prices on their websites – no wonder I say, if I was charging that sort of money, I would be embarrassed too!!

Retailers may not be main rip-off culprits.

Now it is possible that the retailers are not the main culprits, it could well be some cozy cartel type arrangement of distributors doing much of the gouging - I fully accept that possibility.

Either way it needs to be stopped or by-passed. We the people can by-pass the problem. But it will take government action to stop it, and that may take forever!

Ckeck the Czechs.

I did a check on the Czechs and found that the OPOP Comfort 16 pellet boiler, burner and hopper system is available in the Czech Republic from for Kc56,500 including 19% tax. In Euro that is approximately €2,450 including taxes.

The bigger output OPOP Comfort 24 sells at Kc59,900 incl taxes. That equals €2,600 including taxes.

Those prices are half or less than half of what is on offer in Ireland or the UK. We are being robbed – gouged – “Paddy Taxed” or fleeced – tick as appropriate or pick your own term.

SEI get the finger out for heavens sake.

It greatly annoys me – and that is putting it extremly mildly indeed - that SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) or the other agencies don’t make some effort to control the price gouging. What hope have they of promoting alternative energy if those sorts of rip-off prices are allowed to continue?

Allergic to Rip-Offs.

I would install a pellet boiler tomorrow morning at €2,600. But I will be damned if I will pay the sort of stupid prices being sought in Ireland. I am allergic to rip-offs.

How to beat the Gougers.

In answer to CJ question, I have suggested a co-op on this blog before. If a six or more interested people get together and organise a van to go buy these boilers in bulk and bring them back – there would be a huge saving. They could at the same time buy some spare parts so as not to be ripped off on the price of these later. If boilers are more than double the price, the parts are probably four times the price!!!

Problem is, co-operatives need co-operation and good management, but it is not impossible to organise something like this and beat the rip-off bastards. Another possibility is using a carrier who’s trucks are returning empty from an Eastern Europe run, and pull some sort of a deal on the shipping.

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