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WoodPellet Boiler Czech and Irish Prices Compared


Costly Ireland

A ScreenPrint of the Czech Dealers Site

En Tech Ireland are advertising Atmos Wood Pellet Boilers. The price seems very high to me compared to the price you can get on the Continent. They are also asking a VERY hefty fee for installation at €1250. Here is the link:

I asked my plumber what he would charge to plumb-in a pellet boiler to an existing heating system, and he said it would be about a days work and he would charge me around €400 at most. If I had someone come and commission it for say €250, (commissioning is about 2 hours work on average), that gives a total of about €650. This would represent a saving of €600 on what En Tech are asking.

En Tech's Price list

Atmos Pellet Boilers price Guide

Boiler Output .... ... Cost .. ... Extras** .. Installation .... Grant ......Net Cost
D 15 P – 15KW ... €3,330 .. € 2,360 .. . € 1,250 .... ... € 3,000 .....€ 3,940
D 20 P – 20KW ... €3,760 .. € 2,360 .... € 1,250 .... .. € 3,000 .....€ 4,370

The "Extras" would include a Hopper, and Auger, Flue extention pipes, and plumbing fittings, also maybe a safety system and a flue draught regulator. The requirement would vary greatly between different installations - so it would be impossible to quote one price. But €2360 sounds very high unless you are including the cost of a full double walled stainless steel flue. In many cases all that would be needed is a couple of flue bends into an existing chimney.

Czech Prices.

The Czech Republic price for the Atmos D15P is €1899 this includes the local VAT of 19% not too far off the Irish 21%. You could easily ship this boiler to Ireland for around €300 - €400 That's a total of €2300 including shipping costs to Ireland and represents an immediate saving of €1030 on the Irish basic price. If someone was shipping a number of these units the unit cost for shipping could go down to maybe €150 per boiler or less.

The Czech Republic is now in the EU so there are no difficulties in doing business.

The D20P is on offer by the same shop at €1999 inc. 19% VAT. Add say €400 shipping and the resultant saving is €1361.

Here is the direct link for the D20P boiler:

Here is the contact details for the company:
Bravura s.r.o.
Kopecna 20, 602 00 Brno
Czech republic

ID : 26228203 VAT-ID : CZ26228203

Tel. : + 420 543 331 528

Cheaper without the Grant?

By my claculations, if I were to import one of these Atmos boilers, get my plumber to instal it for 300- 400 Euro make a hopper and buy a cheap auger, I would come out better than buiying it from En Tech and getting the grant. I would also have no hassle or expense of meeting SEI standards or have commissioning charges. Grants just drive up the prices in my opinion.

Commissioning charges are a JOKE. It takes no more to tune and commission a Pellet Boiler than it does an oil boiler. Try asking some punter for several hundred euro to tune his boiler!!!



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eco guy said...

Hello Tony,

No real surprise that pellet boilers are cheaper in Europe. I was wondering whether you could offer me some advice, I am constructing a 40 sq m modular eco building, airtight, super insulated, lots of solar gain, solar water heating etc. I want to have a backup biomass wood pellet heating/hot water system. All the boilers seem to rated around 10kw and upwards and are big in size. Do you know of any smaller compact less than 5kw rated boilers. Or how about a pellet stove with a back boiler? any help would be much appreciated.