Saturday, February 23, 2008

Plurion Redox Battery Update


Shuffling the Cards at Plurion

I have written a couple of pieces on Plurion in Scotland and their work on developing a new-ish angle on Redox storage batteries for grid level storage. After a deep and echoing silence, the company has made an announcement. However, the new amounts to no more than there has been another bit of paper shuffling and that further announcements on the real stuff, the technologies readiness for the marketplace, "will be made in due course".

Here is their blurb:




Applied Intellectual Capital ("AIC") (AIM: AINC) is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with ITI Scotland ("ITI") to purchase all of ITI's interest and rights in the Plurion joint venture between ITI and AIC ("Plurion") for a sum exceeding ITI's investment. This agreement has resulted in AIC holding approximately 80% of Plurion's share capital on a fully diluted basis.

(Gee it's all changing hands AGAIN!!!)

Plurion has been working with ITI and AIC over the last two years on a research programme for the development of Flow Battery technology. A fully developed version of this technology would be capable of storing megawatt hours ofelectrical energy for later distribution. Applications of this technology wouldbe of particular relevance to smoothing the availability of electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and also deferring power networkinfrastructure expenditure.

(Yea - like we didn't know that already)

Plurion is working with AIC on a Research and Development programme to move its technology from bench top to commercial scale and has built a test facility at Glenrothes in Scotland. This facility is capable of testing and demonstrating flow batteries of up to 250kW in capacity.

Plurion's product development is nearing completion and once key milestones have been achieved Plurion will establish manufacturing facilities.

A further announcement will be made in due course.

(You will notice they didn't even give the vaguest hint of WHEN things will be happening!!! Much as I am facinated with the possibilities of this technology, I would not be tying up my money (if I had it) by investing in Plurion just yet!!!)


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