Monday, February 25, 2008

Tidal Generators


Another Tidal Generator Design

A company called "OpenHydro" have a design for an underwater generator not unlike the design I just featured by Dr Turnock. I guess the way these things go is that there are a rash of designs come available and it is only time will tell those that prevail.

Here is the company blurb:

The Open-Centre Turbine is an example of a simple idea proving to be the most effective solution. The functionality and survivability of equipment in an underwater environment demands simplicity and robustness. The Open-Centre Turbine meets these demands, with its slow-moving rotor and lubricant-free construction and operation minimising risk to marine life. The Open-Centre Turbine, with just one moving part and no seals, is a self-contained rotor with a solid state permanent magnet generator encapsulated within the outer rim, minimising maintenance requirements. Open-Centre Technology is unique and covered by a suite of worldwide patents.


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