Monday, February 04, 2008

SEI Grants - a Lure and a Snare?


Come into My Parlour
said the Spider to the Fly!!

Taken from comments:

Eileen said...

I found your site when looking for somebody to repair a Wood Pellet Burner.
It just stopped working on Saturday night so we have no heating and I'm getting nowhere with the company we bought it from in Dublin!
Your question 'do you regret going wood pellet' struck a chord - even though I really love my boiler!!
Eileen, Galway

Well Eileen, some people have suggested that they were lured by the promise of really cheap heating costs into investing in some cases as much as €5000 on top of the SEI grant. Now they feel a bit like the fly in the spiders web - tied down to a difificult and expensive to maintain system and a fuel which is no longer cheap and which at time is very difficult to access.

SEI have done nothing to protect the user from cowboys and price gouging. Whereas they should have guaranteed prices, maintenance and supply - if they really wanted people to turn to the alternatives.



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